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Lee Fogarty, Preston and the Vega+ testing scandal

Preston Thomas gave Lee Fogarty admin rights in return for a free Vega+ unit for

Preston Thomas gave Lee Fogarty admin rights in return for a free Vega+ unit for testing

The Spectrum retro gaming community has seen a massive split in recent years, and the Vega+ has added a huge amount of fuel to the fire. In one camp are a growing number of people concerned at how Retro Computers Ltd are treating Vega+ backers, and in the other corner are a small number of incredibly vocal pro-RCL supporters.

Over the past fortnight, the link between Lee Fogarty (spokesman for RCL) and Preston Thomas (creator of the Spectrum4Ever Facebook group) was established, when Preston admitted to being offered a free Vega+ for testing.

I have been led to believe the testing offer came the day before Lee magically became the admin of the Spectrum4Ever Facebook group.

Lee then used the platform to push his agenda with Preston's blessing.

Rumour in the retro community has it that as part of the free Vega+ testing offer, Preston was to alert Lee about any rumblings, and on April 12th, 2017, a post was made in the Spectrum35 group warning others that Lee's involvement in the Spectrum 35th birthday event would do more harm than good:


The entire thread has since been deleted, and another post was made several hours later saying "Housekeeping done..."

During the heated conversation with George Cropper, Preston alerted Lee Fogarty:

Why is George and Ian in your group?The exchange between Preston and George went on for more than 300 posts, and even involved a charity boxing offer between the pair (or a nominated stand-in for George since he is wheelchair-bound).

Eventually Preston admitted to the Vega+ testing deal he had organised with Lee:

Preston was going to test Vega+

This was a bad thing to do on his part and very ill considered, and he seems to have lost a lot of friends over it. I feel Lee Fogarty's "Vega+ testing in return for Facebook admin rights" deal has really hurt him. Lee's track record of bending the truth is widely known, and perhaps Lee never intended to honour the Vega+ testing unit in the first place. Lee was confirmed as an RCL spokesman by Gareth Corfield of The Register, which he later did a 180 degree turn on.

In a rival Facebook group, Paul Andrews offered to bring people to the Spectrum 35th birthday event and it started a panic. A large number of people that had not even posted on Spectrum35 were unable to join, and Lee admitted to blocking a number of people. The Spectrum35 group has even bragged about "flushing the dregs and turds":

Housekeeping done

Both the "flushing the dregs and turds" comments have since been deleted.

Another post suggests that all the "troublemakers" have been removed from the group:

Seen no troublemakers

However the memberlist shows otherwise:

Preston still in Spectrum35 facebook group

Lee Fogarty also claims that the group was spammed, yet the only people that seem to have been removed were vocal in their concerns of the Vega+ campaign:

Lee Fogarty not having forum spammed

Preston's Response

Preston was offered the chance to comment regarding this matter, but he chose not to. Preston (using his alias QAOPM) followed me on Twitter on April 15:

QAOPM is now following you on Twitter

He then blocked me from viewing his Twitter profile:

Blocked from viewing QAOPM

It seems Preston wants to see what I post, but he doesn't want me to see what he is posting. He has also blocked me on Facebook. Which makes contacting him slightly tricky.

To offer Preston the chance to explain his side of the story, I had to contact his wife Tamara who viewed the preview of this article, and she passed it to Preston straight away. Tamara then sent messages back and forth implying it wasn't her job to contact Preston and that "he doesn't know about it". When asked if she had actually forwarded it to Preston, she showed the same vagueness as when she was asked in the "democracy" group if either of them were Vega+ backers. (For the record, neither of them are backers).

Tamara admitted to viewing article

I had anticipated this might happen, so was monitoring the number of active sessions viewing the preview page. A second web session was created from 2 different computers within a couple of minutes, proving that Preston had indeed read the article.

A couple of days after the original post was made, I was anonymously sent a screenshot that appears to show Lee slagging off Preston to someone else. I put the screenshot up on the page to see what Preston made of it, figuring he probably already knew about it.

I waited a few more days, and still got no reply from Tamara or Preston. Since the screenshot did not include anything other than Lee's reply, I asked the original sender for more of the prior conversation to see what led to that comment and took the image down. I will post the full conversation here when I receive it. As Lee said regarding the Nick Roper fiasco, "trolls captured it".

Preston has been critical of Lee and RCL in private messages:

Preston would have told RCL to fuck off by now

Preston cannot take lies and excuses

I cannot offer an insight into why Preston would sell out his Facebook group. Quite clearly Preston was willing for anything to be written by Lee Fogarty as long as he got his free Vega+ unit. I was quite willing to include Preston's reponse verbatim, but I guess the silence speaks volumes.

And seeing as Lee Fogarty has clearly read the preview article (because he has posted screenshots of it in at least one other facebook group), it's obvious that Preston passed it on to Lee too. Since Lee has been so keen to spread the image on facebook, I have included the image he posted:

Lee Fogarty reading the preview

Interestingly the screenshot Lee posted shows 8981 unread emails in his account!

Lee has posted on the World of Spectrum facebook group claiming that it's from a fake account:

"No - there is a fake account set up in my name - I've seen several conversations recently I'm supposed to have had."

Lee Fogarty claims fake account

If you search Facebook for "Lee Fogarty", there is only one account with Lee's matching photo. Is Lee trying to have us believe that someone has setup a duplicate Lee Fogarty account, contacted all his facebook friends asking them to re-add him as a friend, then sent messages to them from him to capture them? And not one of his friends wondered why there's suddenly 2 Lee Fogarty's in their friends list and contacted Lee? It does not make any sense.

He has also asked "people he doesn't frequently message" to send him any messages from this fake account. I can't even begin to understand this comment. I am guessing he wants his friends that have these 2 Lee Fogarty profiles in their friends list to immediately forward him all the messages from the second Lee Fogarty account. This is just fantasy stuff from Lee.

Unfortunately for Lee, when you're a compulsive liar that cries wolf all the time, it's hard to believe anything you say. Here's a small selection of Lee's lies:

  • 27th April, 2016: Posts on World of Spectrum that the Vega+ is in production. Tells George that he saw them "rolling off the production line".
  • 1st September, 2016: Tells George Cropper "they are still on track for shipping to backers end of sept" and that a lot of people "will have egg on their faces at the end of the month"
  • 1st October, 2016: Posts "Busy few months ahead. Vega+ moved from production to manufacturing"
  • 11th October, 2016: Posts that it is the final day to have your name added to the honour roll.
  • 7th January, 2017: Caught shilling as "Nick Roper", a lifelong friend he suposedly put onto the honour roll.
  • 6th February, 2017: Lifelong friend Nick Roper now turns out to have been dead for 20 years, his daughter hounded off facebook.
  • February 11th 2017: Claims trolls captured the "Nick Roper" comment within seconds, despite screenshot 20 hours later still showing "Nick Roper".
  • February 2017: Backer Peeto finds a bug allowing comments on Indiegogo but Lee posts "Paul Andrews posted a loophole in the indiegogo software and encouraged a few friends to post to wind up the backers."
  • 3rd March, 2017: Sends a private message saying "Roll of honour emails to be sent out tonight and Manuals to appear on website at the weekend"
  • 10th March, 2017: Claims no direct link to the shop on the website
  • 17th March, 2017: Claims he had a 30 second call with Gareth Corfield for a newspaper article. Gareth has a 30 minute recording of the call.

And the list goes on and on. Unfortunately for Lee, he cannot be trusted as a source of information so perhaps he just posted this "fake account" stuff to try and garner sympathy from the community.

Bear in mind that this is a man who will say one thing to one person and deny it, then say something completely the opposite to another. Can we trust a thing he says? What's his agenda here?

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  • Gravatar for Clit O'Ris

    Instead of Thinking WOE IS ME, think, how did i get here...?

    how did you get to this point, well its simple.Folk are treating you EXACTLY the same whay you are or have treated (and those you choose to be friends with) have very questionable morals and to be honest, people skills are not on your list of Qualities.You, and that person you married, along side the man who is everyones friend until you are no longer needed ( i will give you a clue, it sounds like BAN, do not understand the ins and outs of social networking or media.You are all control freaks, who are social inept and cannot grasp the concept of opinions, (when its ok to give, and receive) or understand, its NOT ALL ABOUT YOU.

    The Spectrum community, and the Retro community has a lot more members than 3.

    The other Thing that grinds my gears, you sit on your ass and wallow in self pity. GO DO SOMETHING WORTHWHILE. you may find life is just a bit more bearable when you are not thinking about you, or the next WOE IS ME EPISODE.
    to character Assassinate someone, you have to identify said character first.

    your own actions got you where you are, only you can fix it, but for heavens sake, its not something you will fix overnight.

    one more thing, go get a life, because you are wasting the one you have, sitting reading this!!

    oh the irony!

    Clit O'Ris 24/05/2017 2:54pm (57 days ago)

  • Gravatar for Morcar

    okay okay I admit I'm a fat useless prick who needs to have my kids taken away as I'm setting an awful example. Is there no more information you have about me as I really could do with my behaviour being assassinated a bit more. I've still not got it through my thick, fat, stupid, ugly head how much people hate me. Please tell me more.

    Morcar 23/05/2017 6:45pm (58 days ago)

  • Gravatar for Mike Hunt

    Mike Hunt is bigger than Prestons

    Mike Hunt 22/05/2017 8:55pm (59 days ago)

  • Gravatar for Isaac Hunt

    Mr Potato Head,

    I will personally apologise for upsetting you with my liking him to you.

    You are 8ndeed useful and someone pleasing to the eye...which we know is not the case for preston.

    I have recently become aware of a website, called
    Rate my

    Its like a tinder for people like preston, and lee, and all the others on my thanks a lot for being just swell people card list.( i will say preston took the swell bit a little bit too literal).

    Feel free to vote for your favourite shite there.

    I must turn my attention away from preston and move to the other individual...

    Mr i am the interwebbythinymajig. To cut the confusion i will change his name to colin.

    Colin runs a well known fansite for world of spectrum. His job is to keep the memory of anytging spectrum related going. Its like a museum and archove of everythibg good. All would be well but he keeps adding things and taking things away.

    He is like the Theresa may of the retro scene.

    All would ve well if he had just kept his mukky paws from out of something he had no business getting involved in.

    No one really likes him and his websites he creates, mediocre at best.

    I bet you are thinking, that isaac lad, he doesnt like colin.

    Well you would be right.

    See, colin has a bit of recent history where in actual fact, no one likes him but puts up with him because he has done sometging for the community

    That would be are some of his highlights

    1 he pretends to be his dead friend and makes a pledge (in his honour) (aww bless)
    2 he takes on board a mammoth task of renovating and rejuvenating a tired but popular
    3 he agrees to run a website for a company who are making a retro handheld device, the ps vita...sorry my mistake the vega+.
    4 he agrees to help out organise the spectrum 35 show.

    And all this for tge good of his

    what a lovely man.

    Self serving sniffling little shit who has resorted to possibly making at least 3 known profiles on facebook to garner knowledge about what folk are saying about him. Its ok colin and your sidekick Barbara etc..etc... i am watching you from my secret hideout.

    Ping pong....where does he get the money for new startups from theres an answer id like to hear.

    Isaac Hunt 22/05/2017 4:22pm (59 days ago)

  • Gravatar for Mr Potato Head

    I resent that. I'm quite proud of how I look and I'm certainly iconic. Everyone knows my friendly face.

    Unlike this fat, miserable cunt.

    Mr Potato Head 22/05/2017 12:20am (60 days ago)

  • Gravatar for Isaac Hunt

    At least when money runs dry...he could sue Mr potato head for copying his likeness...

    Isaac Hunt 22/05/2017 12:16am (60 days ago)

  • Gravatar for Governmental science bureau

    I have consulted with my research team and, contrary to what has been suggested in the comment below, we wouldn't say Mr Thomas is worthy of study.

    However, as a monument to the banal excesses of a state supported lifestyle he is without equal.

    It's a shame no-one would be interested to study him, though. If they did, he could actually have a reason to exist.

    Governmental science bureau 21/05/2017 10:55pm (2 months ago)

  • Gravatar for Isaac Hunt

    I would say he is worthy if study. However he would want to make a crappy video all about it, and lets face it , he would only think someone was abusing him.

    Someone give ol' preston a potato peeler.

    Isaac Hunt 21/05/2017 9:28pm (2 months ago)

  • Gravatar for Evolution of the gut

    The comment below by Isaac presupposes that Preston is evolved. He's not, he and the poor bastards in his family are trapped in an evolutionary bottleneck. A dead end. They're a shower of fucking amoebas.

    Evolution of the gut 21/05/2017 8:51pm (2 months ago)

  • Gravatar for Isaac Hunt

    Script for new series based on the internal workings of evolution.

    Booming voice: In the beginning...god created the heavens and the earth.

    Preston: and me!

    Booming voice: no,you came later.

    Preston: but.but.but i have a folder of abuse. I ..i ...i want to show it to god...

    Booming voice: god doesnt want to see it preston.go and find your mate preston.

    Preston: i haven't any!

    Booming voice: your life partner Preston. Go find her

    Preston: but i ate her with the apple i found.


    Preston: right you are going on my folder of abuse list.

    GOD: I was more impressed with Isaac Hunts scrotum of Goodness... now go be away with you.

    And that is how Jan was made

    Isaac Hunt 21/05/2017 6:05pm (2 months ago)

  • Gravatar for Isaac Hunt

    Preston, go away, please.....just...go.

    I stand by my name, because i am.

    Your folder of abuse is nothing like my Scrotum of goodness.

    Just do tend to your wife, look after you kids, GET A JOB, and have a good life...Just Leave this alone ...

    Isaac Hunt 21/05/2017 2:06am (2 months ago)

  • Gravatar for Morcar

    Yes I do have a folder of abuse that I have been sent and it is full of screen grabs of George and his followers abusing me.

    I have showed it to a lot of people so I can garantee you it does exist.

    Also for the people on here pretending to be me well done but you are not fooling anyone with your fake acounts at least I put my name to what I do.

    Morcar 19/05/2017 11:56am (2 months ago)

  • Gravatar for Alfie Langer fan

    Long time lurker, first time poster. I've seen some FB posters who talk about an abuse folder Prestan has, does anyone know about it? I got turfed off Spectrum4Ever a while back and would love to see whats in it. Anyone? Go go almighty broncos!

    Alfie Langer fan 19/05/2017 4:44am (2 months ago)

  • Gravatar for Preston Thomas

    Ah, interesting to know, codetapper. So the fat cunt is lazing around here all day. Interesting to see one of his recent vids has 3000+ fake views, almost no likes and over 100 dislikes. Big in the game.

    Preston Thomas 18/05/2017 11:51pm (2 months ago)

  • Gravatar for Codetapper

    Looking at Google analytics, I can confirm there is an exceptionally high proportion of hits from Wales to this webpage. Based on population, the UK should have about 16 times the number of hits as Wales, but it's nothing like that. There is also one city in Wales that keeps showing up with one person visiting over and over every day.

    Codetapper 18/05/2017 12:22am (2 months ago)

  • Gravatar for Preston Thomas

    Is there any way that Codetapper can see who is accessing this page, btw? I'd love to know how many times a day I come here to fuel my insecurity, jealousy and depression :-)

    Just wondering

    Preston Thomas 18/05/2017 12:08am (2 months ago)

  • Gravatar for Preston Thomas

    I am a fat liar but I must confirm that everything written here is true and clearly there are facts to back it up, despite what I say. I'm a lamentable piece of shit and my wife's stomach stapling was a lame excuse for a cancer scare. Sorry. Sorry for buying youtube views, too. It's very lame.

    Preston Thomas 18/05/2017 12:07am (2 months ago)

  • Gravatar for Depresston

    Preston can hate all he wants but it pales in comparison to the hate that everyone feels towards him. He's scum.

    Depresston 17/05/2017 9:35pm (2 months ago)

  • Gravatar for Spyglass

    always wondered what preston looked like. he's just how I imagined. a monument to laziness and stupidity.

    Spyglass 14/05/2017 9:45pm (2 months ago)

  • Gravatar for Preston is the cancer

    The only cancer in Preston's house is him and his fat gunted wife. Back to more videos, I see. Well that family time sure lasted.

    Fat, lying cancer.

    Preston is the cancer 14/05/2017 4:22pm (2 months ago)

  • Gravatar for Isaac Hunt

    My last Comment had some spelling mistakes and grammar issues.

    I would like to point out that it was in the style of Preston, and that it is indeed ok to use Grammarly( other spelling and grammer applications or plugins are available) , and that i was Method acting.
    I won't answer for Lee, however he likes causing trouble using special mind powers , like I R Baboon.

    Happy 13th May 2017.

    Isaac Hunt 13/05/2017 4:29pm (2 months ago)

  • Gravatar for Isaac Hunt

    Although i sympathise with any illness and wish no harm to preston or his family, i can only conclude that spending large amoumts of time looking for ways to make it all about the PresTam bunch, is in fact an illness. Last time i looked the spectrum community was in its millions.

    Ironic that in the UK scene you have the PresTamJan show, the Forgary show,the backers,the haters"a ragtag fleet of so called backers looking for the elusive vega+" and RCL, "a ragtag fleet of people who couldn't organise a pissup in a brewery" have yourselves a comedy show right there.

    Af least these so called haters cottoned on to the Bullshit that follows each and every one of the rest.

    Carry on up the indigogo, i would pay money to see that now.

    Isaac Hunt 13/05/2017 3:53pm (2 months ago)

  • Gravatar for Flip Flop

    He's back again, back to making videos on the channel he said he'd close. Nobody can believe a word this fat piece of rubbish says! Miraculous recovery for his trained hog, too. He's back to wasting taxpayers money on the internet all day.

    Flip Flop 10/05/2017 4:36pm (2 months ago)

  • Gravatar for Tamara Tumass

    Does anybody have a spare kidney I can borrow?

    I just swapped my good one for a Vega+

    Tamara Tumass 10/05/2017 12:32pm (2 months ago)

  • Gravatar for Tamara's unappealing gut

    Surely if he thought he had any support he wouldn't have disabled comments everywhere? Sad, really, and cowardly, which is par for the course for my cuck of a husband ;-p

    Tamara's unappealing gut 10/05/2017 12:32pm (2 months ago)

  • Gravatar for Depresston

    Do the DSS know Preston spends all day every day working on this crap!?!? Surely this breaches his benefits agreement!?!?

    Depresston 10/05/2017 12:29pm (2 months ago)

  • Gravatar for Pressed On Thomas

    Lying about cancer is absolutely disgraceful, faking hospital letters makes it even worse and then writing a pity me blog full of factual errors, grammatical issues and spelling mistakes is the final insult.

    How anybody can still be friends with this guy is beyond comprehension. It's his poor kids I feel most sorry for, I hope for their own good that they are taken into care very soon because both Preston and Tamara have shown themselves to be totally and utterly incompetent as parents. They spend more time deleting perfectly honest, decent and relevant comments from their little troll group than they do looking after the poor blighters.

    I thought teaming up with Lie Fogarty and getting people sacked from their job was the lowest of the low, but the rate they are digging they will be posting from Australia soon!

    Pressed On Thomas 10/05/2017 12:15pm (2 months ago)

  • Gravatar for PT is a LIAR

    Unreal. What do we get today? A video of his wife's disgusting midriff. What a revolting prospect. Also, when did having your appendix removed equate to cancer? What a failure.

    PT is a LIAR 09/05/2017 10:34pm (2 months ago)

  • Gravatar for Richard

    Anyone seen the video Preston has just put up about George? Total facepalm. He makes himself look like such a bitter stupid twat. I love it :-)

    Richard 09/05/2017 10:02pm (2 months ago)

  • Gravatar for Doubting Thomas

    "I've never experienced an adult who acts like them.
    I didn't think they existed"

    Comment of the day so far about Preston, Tamara and their activities.

    Doubting Thomas 09/05/2017 7:44pm (2 months ago)

  • Gravatar for Clive Sink Lair

    Keep up the good work, lads. Get the bastards.

    Clive Sink Lair 09/05/2017 6:11pm (2 months ago)

  • Gravatar for Why ?

    Why does Preston keep coming back for more? Why can't he just get a job and set a good example for his kids? Is anyone reading his blog seriously instead of just laughing at it and him?

    Why ? 09/05/2017 3:46pm (2 months ago)

  • Gravatar for PT is a LIAR

    Preston is a lying, pity seeking piece of crap. Everyone hates him except for his 'friends' who also, surprise surprise, are the most hated people in this little community. He should shut the fuck up, as he's making an even bigger asshole of himself now. End of story.

    PT is a LIAR 09/05/2017 12:15pm (2 months ago)

  • Gravatar for Preston is the world's worst dad

    Just checked Preston's blog for the first time. Read it all. What a fucking fat coward. Seriously. Get a life you fat cunt. I bet he reads this page 100 times a day checking for updates. Sickening waste of space. Get a job and set a good example to your children you fat bludging cunt.

    His blog is so full of lies and bullshit it's hard to believe. Then he has the temerity to talk about others obsessing over him? Who else has a blog where they cry every day about stuff nobody cares about? nobody does because it's grade 1 pathetic.

    Calling people out on grammar? Fucking hell. He's barely able to string a sentence together. Sit down, butterball, 'have a coke and breath' (breath!?!?)

    He could get a job pushing trolleys around tesco, I hear they're always looking for retards but even that is probably above his level.

    His children have no hope in life with a lump like that as a dad and a self obsessed, shit thick hag as a mum. I pity the little fuckers, no future for them at all.

    Preston is the world's worst dad 09/05/2017 12:08pm (2 months ago)

  • Gravatar for Preston Thomas

    BTW If I'm reading this I need to look up the word 'vicariously'. I've no idea what it means, I'm far too fucking thick.

    Preston Thomas 08/05/2017 9:35pm (2 months ago)

  • Gravatar for Preston Thomas

    I started the new channel for someone else, not for myself. The fact that it has my current avatar (from twitter and steam and beyond) all over it and only videos from me shouldn't make a difference. It was a channel that someone else could create content on, vicariously, through me. Surely you've heard of people creating youtube channels and filling them with content on behalf of someone else who doesn't exist?

    PS: I am a lying potato faced fat moron.

    Preston Thomas 08/05/2017 9:28pm (2 months ago)

  • Gravatar for A puzzled MRI consultant

    Just read Preston's new hate page. What a feeble minded fat useless piece of shit he really is. Also, great to see him faking MRI letters. That's grand. Everyone is having a good laugh about it. Got to love the bit in blog when he calls out George as a scumbag for threatening him about copyright then made another page where he threatens George about copyright. Couldn't make this up. He truly is a stupid fat cunt.

    Really good job at making things 1000% worse for himself, as usual. Also his wifes meds note seems to be for an ibs related condition or maybe being bananas not cancer the stupid arsehole.

    Seems everyone in the community has made a pact to ignore him now due to his continued attempts at troublemaking and self pitying antics. Even people he'd class as friends agree. What a total fart. He can have his little echo chamber.

    Great that he's managing to spend this much time on it, too, when he promised he'd be away for months tending to his sick hag. Stay classy and true you loser.

    A puzzled MRI consultant 08/05/2017 9:12pm (2 months ago)

  • Gravatar for RealPLSpectrumFan

    Grow up ToadCrapper. You talk a load of shit and lies. You say you are a programmer and you have this "intelligent infromation" but you are actually a LIAR.

    Also BULLSHIT. I lived a long time in NZ and those caves are over three hours from where you live. No one will drive there and back in one day to take photos for their job as it is againstr the NZ LAW for you to do so for health regulation. Also you are a PROGRAMMER? You say I AM A PROGRAMMER every day but then you say you are taking pictures of caves for your job for the whole day andalso driving more than seven hours? GET REAL! Can't even get your story straight M8, more lies while you hide from the consequences of your dirty lies about Lee Fogert an Preston Thomas. They both did more good then you can dream. Idiot. SHUT THIS LIENG SITE DOWN NOW SAD GUY.

    RealPLSpectrumFan 08/05/2017 8:34am (2 months ago)

  • Gravatar for Codetapper

    @Paul: Thanks for the report. I have altered the name on the original post and will have a look through the site logs in a day or so to see if any activity stands out.

    Codetapper 07/05/2017 11:33am (2 months ago)

  • Gravatar for Prestons parents

    We apologise for our soon, he really is an insufferable, pathetic, tell tale waste of space.

    Once again he's made himself look like a professional failcunt with this new blog. Page after page of bumhurt, lies and self defeating stupidity.

    Imagine bothering someone about a funny comment because you're so upset by it. Way to fuel the fire, lardass.

    Once again, we apologise and wish we'd never gotten drink that night. Sorry.

    Prestons parents 07/05/2017 9:40am (2 months ago)

  • Gravatar for Paul Jenkinson

    The poster using TheSpectrumShow to post comments on here is fake and have no connection to, or are known to my self and the Spectrum Show (youtube channel). I request their comments be removed or at least changed to show this. Thank You. Paul Jenkinson - The Spectrum Show.

    Paul Jenkinson 06/05/2017 10:44pm (3 months ago)

  • Gravatar for Mr Potato Head

    So Preston has made a blog. 10 points for effort but minus a million for posting his partners medical appointment stuff and just burbling on. He has even blocked people posting replies unless you are part of the group. A group no doubt consisting of him, his wife, Jan the Mad and Mr Popularity himself, Lee F. Mate, step away from the blog, tell your wife to stop having any involvement with the Democracy Facebook group which is the worse thing ever and reconsider who you even converse with on that group as well.

    Mr Potato Head 06/05/2017 1:34pm (3 months ago)

  • Gravatar for the guvnor

    it seems i must have been a fortune teller in a previous life as preston now writes on the brand new morcar's blog..... i guess if we wait a week that will be taken down too?????

    the guvnor 06/05/2017 11:21am (3 months ago)

  • Gravatar for the guvnor

    oh lordy..... as if following a script preston has now deleted the pc ftw youtube channel, i wonder whats next..... if history is anything to go by it will be another stupid blog i guess..... and that will probly be deleted within a week replaced by another youtube channel.....

    the guvnor 06/05/2017 10:39am (3 months ago)

  • Gravatar for Ouzo Cero

    Aye his missus is a fuckin pop-eyed pig IDT INDT

    Ouzo Cero 05/05/2017 11:27pm (3 months ago)

  • Gravatar for Blobak

    I wonder how Tamara feels about having 'cancer'? It's a pretty fucking quick cure (or long diagnosis) if it's taking 3 months?!?! The pair of them are a fucking cancer on society and should have been sterilised at birth.

    Blobak 05/05/2017 11:16pm (3 months ago)

  • Gravatar for The New Shmoo

    The cancer scare storyline peddled by the Potatao is his most pathetic lie yet and has been conjured up out of thin air in some pathetic childish attention seeking desperate cry for affection/validation. He is a despicable fat cunt.

    The New Shmoo 05/05/2017 11:05pm (3 months ago)

  • Gravatar for Back Sacks

    I once saw cheggers pissed out his head after a radio 1 roadshow in Great Yarmouth. He staggered out a pub then promptly took a shit behind a bus stop then pulled his kecks up without wiping his arse. Put me right off him after that.

    Back Sacks 05/05/2017 10:54pm (3 months ago)

  • Gravatar for Dr and the Medics

    Lee has ruined world of spectrum. A sad, bitter little fantasist.

    From what I've seen, Preston is a nobody who is convinced he's someone because he started a page then he and his wife ruined it by being themselves.

    Nobody cares about anything they do. However, they've put themselves on the radar now via association with all the wrong people and selfish, ignorant actions.

    He's a nobody that now, because of his own actions, will never be a somebody.

    Resorting to a cancer scare for attention is frankly inhuman.

    Dr and the Medics 05/05/2017 8:48pm (3 months ago)

  • Gravatar for Unknown

    I used to love World of Spectrum when Martjin ran it. It's such a wonderful resource now being run into the ground by a possessive and socially inept "owner".

    I hope that Lee Fogarty comes to his senses one day and hands the site over to someone who knows what they are doing. Otherwise I'm afraid it's going to simply die. The rot has already set in.

    For my part I have no idea who Preston Thomas is, but he seems to be a minor yes man who's association with this issue leaves little doubt about his dubious character.

    Unknown 05/05/2017 3:42pm (3 months ago)

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