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Preston Thomas - The sad facts

To be perfectly honest, I wasn't going to waste any more time on Preston, thus depriving him of the attention he so desperately seeks. But the holier-than-thou attitude he portrays on his hate blog (the latest iteration being called MorcarsBlog), his continual attacking of George Cropper and his attempts to make inroads into polluting the Spectrum Next community with his bullshit have forced me to put fingers-to-keyboard once again. More updates will be made to this page as he continues to make trouble. As long as he is hanging around like a bad smell, this page will be here to expose his lies and bullshit.

Family time. Several important seconds

Well, it's been a short couple of weeks or so since Preston promised to step away from the scene, threatening to never return.

As predicted, that lasted almost as long as it took him to write the blog post.

So, forget about this supposed 'family time' that he so desperately needed to put in in order to continue 'running a house' (whatever that entails, as last thing we heard he couldn't even put in their dss gas credit cards without popping his back out). Forget that. He's back. As everyone who knows what his promises mean predicted he would be.

After all, this is a man who, just a few weeks prior to this, wrote a bile filled rant on his blog about the spectrum community before taking it down and putting up this nonsense in its place


Another simpering attempt at attention seeking behaviour. Loving the apostrophe in rockin', too. Sorry, I mean lov'ing.

However, both of these situations lasted a matter of seconds and within 24 hours in both cases he was back again making his terrible videos and, this time out, he's even had the temerity to buy views for one, as he had previously done for his 'dead space' video (which has since been taken down and re-uploaded, now having a far more correct view count - 10 views). Youtube are currently investigating the viewing figures on his videos and have told me that they take a very dim view of account boosting and the channels that make use of such services. So why is he boosting? Well, as people reading this probably know, it's now impossible to monetise a youtube channel with less than 10,000 views so clearly Preston is still labouring under the misapprehension that some day he can be a youtube "star", despite offering zero in the way of interesting content and making about 3 pence a month from doing so.

Still, his existence is funded by hard working tax payers in the UK so anything above and beyond that is no doubt classed as a victory to him. 3 pence extra a month is surely a lot better in his mind than getting a real job, such as his last piece of gainful employment which amounted to folding boxes in a British supermarket, a job reserved for the mentally disadvantaged. Still, Preston couldn't even do that properly as it made him feel "depressed" (what doesn't?) so he's taken up the mantle of bothering good, hardworking people instead whilst living in cloud cuckoo land off state handouts.  

Reno - Unarmed and not dangerous

It's odd that he sees fit to accuse George Cropper on his blog of having multiple identities and 'hiding' behind them when as far as anyone can say, including people who have met George in person, he is who he says he is and has never pretended to be anyone else.

The same cannot be said for Preston, sadly. In his "video response to George Cropper" (that he has uploaded and taken down twice), Preston said "first off I'm doing it like this. Generally because I don't hide behind pictures and fancy text."

In fact, it's very ironic that Preston would make such a statement when only recently an account of his in the name of 'Dave Reno' was removed from facebook for being a fake account. He had used this account to spread dissent in numerous speccy groups and to stand up for himself whenever he was being discussed in the aforesaid groups, even going to the extent of private messaging several people to try and exonerate himself from the debacles he was continually, and wilfully, creating. George has supplied numerous pieces of conversations he has had with this alias account, showing that Preston really knows no bounds when it comes to trying to undermine good people doing good things in the community, even to the extent of admitting his multiple failings in the process whilst effectively begging to be allowed to take part. 

Sadly for Preston, and his protestations of being holier than thou, this Dave Reno account has recently been closed by facebook themselves as a proven fake (see below). Multiple people reported this account and also confirmed it was an account Preston regularly used to stir up trouble. Not smart.


As you can see from the excerpts of the conversation George had with Dave (see below), which Dave continually kept rekindling, it's very obvious that he was Preston in disguise. However, also obvious is, once again, his wilful desire to cause as much trouble as possible and to lie and assume another personality in order to get his point across, even rubbishing himself and his reputation in the process, presumably thinking George would definitely not think it was him if he was being agreeable and saying Preston had issues (which he most certainly does, so perhaps this was a rare glimpse of the fat, couch locked moron being honest?). George was well aware that this was Preston "in disguise" but continued the conversation for some time, and allowed him to stay in his Spectrum Unlimited group until way after #Konamigate, at which point Dave began to ask ridiculously unsubtle questions about copyright legislation. It was truly pathetic and, as usual, it made Preston look a twat and a lot of people behind the scenes got something of a laugh out of it. 


A whole new level of insipid, crawling fuckery from Preston on yet another of his alt accounts. 


Who did he think he was fooling here? It certainly wasn't George!




Preston on Preston :p Even he acknowledges his complete lack of personality!


Real talk from Mr Bum and Preston once again concurs. 


After a little, or very fat, bird started leaking things to himself to publish on his own group, George started having fun.
The requested chat logs were, of course, never provided. 


Preston hasn't spoken to himself in a while. Unfortunate, really, as he could clearly do with a fucking good talking to.


George talks about yet another of his attempts to get Preston's head straight, and Preston himself agrees. Again.


Preston begs to get back into George's group after he (Dave) is thrown out for obviously being Preston. Simpering.

#Rambogate and the ensuing fallout

Furthermore, he also appeared on multiple other groups as David John Rambo Preece, once again defending himself and his actions. This was around the time that the group 'spectrum for everyone' was created. It was started by Mark Payne and Mr Cropper as a sane option for those wishing to leave Preston's poisoned Sinclair group. George was not and is still not an administrator for this group, as he prefers to remain in the background and also has another Sinclair related group, but had a major hand in the population of and setup of this group, as well as being friends with all of the new moderation team. This new group went on the bear the brunt of Preston's posts under this sockpuppet account. Preston made a complete fool of himself once again, turning many key figures in the community against himself with this behaviour and instead of helping his group he damaged it fatally, sending droves of members over to SFEO and turning his own S4E into a ghost town. Endless demands to be let in to the new group followed, coupled with reasons as to why his tyrannical behaviour was perfectly acceptable yet the actions of those rightly calling him out on it were absolutely out of order.

Preston moonlighting as John Rambo 1

Preston moonlighting as John Rambo 2

Preston moonlighting as John Rambo 3

This is something Preston will repeatedly do, as he seems unable to realise when he is out of control and will blame others for everything. It's worth noting that the situation in which he currently finds himself is all of his own doing, it's not down to 'trolls', Mr Cropper, Mr Payne or anyone else whom he now views as a mortal enemy. He has, over the last few months, blocked numerous good and decent people in the community merely for their association with those he claims are persecuting him. These blocks are followed by random unblocks, then more blocks, as he desperately tries to see if they or anyone else is talking about him. It seems Preston has far too much time on his hands (see his gigantic and hilarious blog for evidence of this) and turns his failings over in his head before deciding it's all someone else's fault. Refusal to accept his shortcomings has led him to where he is now.

It's very much a broken form of narcissism, wherein he projects his failings and insecurities onto others and subsequently attacks them for it. As a result of this, many people who were once ambivalent towards him have now grown tired of this behaviour,seen through it and wish to have nothing more to do with him or anything he is involved in. The general consensus in the community is that he is a joke and is best ignored and left to his own devices, which is exactly what is currently happening. He does not seem to understand that putting reasonable people on the spot and begging for their attention or friendship is not becoming of a genuine human being and, when doing this to several people, they have humoured him mostly through embarrassment and not wanting to further rock the boat or fall into his crosshairs themselves. However, it's clear that the reasonable people in the speccy community want to see the back of him for good. 

Following the David John Rambo Preece incident and after what amounted to several days of arguing with members in Spectrum for Everyone and demanding people add Preston to the group (when he had been previously banned for outbursts) and apologise or talk directly with him (again, seeking validation and his 'place' in the community) he finally admitted in a private chat with Mark Payne that he was indeed sockpuppeting and that this new account had been him all along. This can be seen in the screen grabs of the conversation and is truly pathetic to behold. This was no great news to Mark, George, or anyone else involved in the conversation. George himself had posted the previous day that this was Preston, before deleting the post as an early unmasking would have resulted in less hilarity for everyone present. It was, however, painfully obvious from the start. 

Prestons sockpuppet was then banned, a unanimous decision by all of the administrators, none of whom have a decent word to say about this known, bitter troublemaker. So, this is yet another occasion on which Preston has adopted an alias in order to cause as much trouble as possible and is the reason that he is banned from the fastest growing speccy group on facebook. One of the main reasons for this growth is the lack of his involvement and the complete absence of his wife, whom he seems to install anywhere he can in order to, presumably, keep her off his back, at which point she proceeds to alienate and offend everyone with her erratic and self defeating behaviour. It is also worthy of note to record that his wife knows absolutely nothing about the topic of any of the groups she is admin of, which is a joke in itself, she's just merely there as another vote for when Preston needs to push someone out, which is ironic in itself as despite apparently needing approval of all moderators to remove members in spectrum 4 ever, Preston and Tamara have removed anyone they see fit for personal reasons without consulting the other admins. This and the general air of totalitarian stupidity in the place led to several admins abandoning their posts in disgust, no longer wishing to be part of the trouble. Many of these people have since mended the bridges that Preston broke on their behalf with George and now speak on a regular basis, having discovered that Preston is in fact the troublemaker, not George as he relentlessly claims.

A change of roles (but not really)

Following this relentless nonsense with the John Rambo account (and his subsequent unmasking and banning) in Sinclair for everyone he stepped down as admin in his own group. A blatant move to engender sympathy, panicking and scrambling to get people to stay as, finally, he at least acknowledged others saw him as the problem (although he failed to admit this to himself, preferring to blame 'trolls' for creating the situation- none of whom were even in his group).

This didn't work, however, and he went on to carry on his campaign of troublemaking against his 'enemies', beginning with Mr Cropper. He posted multiple links to George's game files and encouraged people to go and get them for free, not realising that this infact drove people to George's shop to get the physical versions. After being chastised for this by both his own admin and others he then passed the files to Jan Saggiori, another Pariah of the community, who went on to disseminate them further on any page that would listen (ie: very few as he's been banned from anywhere sane, more or less). Once again, this drove both customers and developers to George, interested to see first hand what he was offering. He also contacted several developers in a very insipid manner to ask for their "okay" to spread their files. He also contacted David Saphier about this, who has provided a lot of music for George's games and helped out with several bumfun titles. David runs the site where he features many of the games he's worked on along with other titles. He said it was okay for Preston to link through to these files on his site. However, Preston agreed to do this then disabled all the links to David's site and put the titles up on his own hosting instead. You can see the chatlog below from where he claimed he was linking back to David's site. This soon went out the window when his selfish desires kicked in again, telling him to take something he had no part in and to try and palm it off as his own.


The "Paul" who is speaking here is a S4E admin who is tired of dealing with this nonsense. "Facebook user" is Preston, who stormed out of this conversation because he didn't get his own way, as usual.

This was another extremely unpopular move in which he slighted a well regarded member of the community in order to facilitate his own greed and desire to keep his site a closed ecosystem with no exit to better sites for any visitors. Everyone is aware of what he has done and, once again, he's compounded the damage to his tattered reputation with yet another ridiculous act.

So, yet another futile and bitter attempt to defame George and bother other good community members by Preston actually backfired, yet again. This is becoming a monotonous regularity and one which he still seems to fail to recognise. Preston has also published many lies about George, including claiming that George has been banned from several pages which George is still an active, welcome member of. It seems like Preston has a tit for tat attitude to such things and because he's banned from many community groups he has to pretend that George is, too. He even claimed George is banned from the fighting fantasy facebook page, when in reality George was involved in the publicity campaign for a recent fighting fantasy product which was overseen and approved by Ian Livingston himself (the co-creator of the fighting fantasy series) but, still, in Preston's world it's impossible that people would be asked to help with such things as he never gets asked to do anything of the sort, therefore he must try to undermine and make trouble because, well, if he can't be constructive he just has to be completely destructive. Preston asks his (one) blog reader (his wife) to think for themselves and seek out the truth. Well, this is the truth and it's not remotely close to how Preston paints it. Ironic, much?

Speaking of Preston's wife, her association with their new friend has cemented her husband and, by extension, her as wilful troublemakers in the eyes of yet more people. Another own goal. His wife, of course, is instantly disliked by anyone who meets her, so requires little coverage here. She is only really on the periphery of things and even then only because Preston has shoe-horned her into these roles for which she is completely unfit. She was also responsible for Mark Payne being removed as admin from S4E and kicked out after George was re-admitted back into the group. Preston told her that Mark had done this, so Mark became the fall guy. In reality, it was Preston himself who welcomed George back into the group. There was a similar admin situation in Preston's C64 group, which he stormed out of and Mark became the main admin by default. What followed within moments was Preston begging to be let back in and made admin once again, which Mark graciously allowed. Tamara then went crazy at Preston and demanded that he ban Mark but Preston seized an opportunity to try and claw back some community respect by making a post on S4E stating that he and Mark were now "working together" on the C64 page. Mark then immediately issued a statement saying that no such collaboration was and would ever be taking place. Tamara was screaming at Preston until the small hours of the morning that day.

It also seems that Preston can't have that much time for Tamara, being as he seems to spend a lot of time online fapping over images of female wrestlers. He was mid conversation with George when he posted this by accident and subsequently admitted he'd been "cought at it" (caught masturbating, or at least getting something ready for the spank bank)


It is also well known amongst the community that Preston routinely bothers female gamers and youtubers with petty, pestering comments in a vain attempt to get them to pay him some attention. I was genuinely shocked when I heard from several people that he has been bothering some of them for years and continually messages them with bizarre and salacious nonsense on whatever platform he can. He also has a thing for female wrestlers, as the grab above clearly shows. In this sad example he is trying to, yet again, get the attention of a female youtuber who he has been bothering with nonsensical, attention seeking garbage for years and who has well publicised social anxiety issues. Here he can be seen making reference to anal sex on a completely unrelated post of hers. To be honest, given the circumstances, it's something that would make most people feel socially anxious. Also, it was a video of him talking to the camera (video has since been taken down, which is a shame, as it was hilarious).


The abandonment of S4E. Well, not really.

Preston posted a long chat log between himself and George on S4E around this time, where George was, once again, very reasonably trying to explain to him the error of his ways and how he could go about improving his standing within the various communities who had all had enough of him. This was a private chat and touched, as always, on Preston's "illness", family life, and more. George simply wanted Preston to leave him alone and to get on with doing something that did not bother anyone else in the community, which George cares a great deal about. However, immediately after this chat, Preston posted the entire chat log on S4E as evidence he and George had rebuilt their bridges and gotten over their differences. So, as usual, him talking about his personal problems, depression, family and more was once again used in an attempt to leverage sympathy in the community. It was apparent to everyone watching this situation unfold that this was just another vain attempt on Preston's part to stop his group from haemorrhaging members and to make him look like he was "on the mend" (a claim which he routinely makes after he's painted himself to be in the pits of a depressive episode 3 seconds before). It failed, of course, and once again highlighted the fact that he will stop at nothing to try and deceive people into thinking he's a reasonable human being, even bringing his supposed "conditions" into play.

PC FTW. Or not, as the case may be

In another move to pretend he's someone else, Preston decided to open a new youtube channel called "PC ftw", focusing on pc gaming this time. It's worth noting that at this time he was using an image of the batman villain, "the joker", on all of his profiles on social media and twitter etc. Several people have commented that this is no doubt because Preston was told by his own admin to leave George alone and that, like in the film "The Dark Knight", they were destined to rub each other up the wrong way forever. Telling, really, that Preston took the role of the bad guy. 


Anyway, he made a twitter post telling people to go and check out a brand new gaming channel that he claimed was being run by a friend. It was not. It was being run by Preston himself and when the community discovered this and outed him for it he promptly deleted the channel in frustration and anger. He had the joker logo on the channel and, moreover, had given himself away in the videos that he had made for it, showing a linux console registered to himself, a "s4e" name in a game of counterstrike and, to cap it all off, even spoke in his usual boring, slow as you don't like monotone over one of the clips.

His excuse this time was that he had actually started the channel for a friend. Yes, you know, people, the age old act of starting up a youtube channel for a friend, branding it with your social media avatar and only uploading videos yourself before closing the channel when you're found out. Who was his friend? Dave Reno? Also, where is this friends new channel, being as Preston took it upon himself to delete the original one he so charitably created?

The thing that Preston fails to grasp is that no matter how much he lies and no matter how many youtube channels he starts, he will never be a success. His name is mud in the community and it's never long before someone spots he's up to his old nonsense once again. This invariably results in him closing his blogs, channels, facebook pages and jumping ship to something else before realising that starting all over again might require work (remember, work = depression for Preston) so he comes bouncing back to the very people he's only just finished lambasting.

Everything with him is about success and attempting to be "number one" in the community. As he says on his hilarious blog on one of the many pages where he attacks George for no reason:

"Do you see me as a threat and you want to be the man standing on top of the Spectrum community?"


"if there was a top for the community there is always someone behind you to push you off the cliff."

These two statements belie a deeply flawed, selfish and arrogant mindset. Preston has said many times in his videos where he attacks George that it's all about being number one in the community and words to that effect. This seems to be the main crux of his problem with George, whom he hounded out of his facebook group for posting videos that were getting more views than his. Preston would argue he removed George for posting "obscene" images, which were nothing of the sort and were merely used as an excuse so that George would have one less platform from which to get viewers for his videos, not that George seems bothered about views (he's certainly never bought any, unlike certain people). Preston even congratulates George for "winning" the contest between the two of them (a contest that only Preston was aware of, evidently) and proclaimed George "the king of youtube". This shows how blinkered, ignorant and self obsessed Preston really is, as both he and George had a very small amount of subscribers at the time, as they both still do, and neither of them could really be classed as the king of youtube by any sane individual. Clearly Preston views George as competition for his "crown" which has been deftly swiped from him by someone with a more personable attitude to the community and genuinely funny videos. George has friends and people who will stick up for him. Preston mentions this in his video that he made wherein he tries to attack George but winds up attacking himself. He seems to talk of friends as a concept that's totally foreign to him. Also, we can look back at his "bridge mending" announcements about both Mr Payne and Mr Cropper for evidence of the fact that he views even mild derision from someone as a reason to announce a firm and lasting co-operation/friendship. Very strange. So, from the quotes above we can see that Preston clearly views the community as having some kind of hierarchical structure that he seems to feel he's entitled to be at the top of. Presumably alongside the likes of Lee Fogarty. However, Preston seems to be looking at an inverted pyramid as, far from being number one, he, his cohorts and their "creative output" are definitely a large pile of number two.

The only thing he can create is trouble

After this attempt to create yet more problems for his business, and due to Preston having an outburst on a major speccy developers page which, yet again, made him look like a complete idiot. He suggested that people not buy George's re-release of a classic title, making stupid, petulant comments and even going as far as to post ebay links to the original version of the game (missing the point entirely with regards to the new version being an updated one, not the same as the one he posted links to)


George took legal action against Preston, simply to try and put an end to this nonsensical situation, but, with only having Preston's old/expired address, the legal papers came back unserved. Both Preston and Tamara refused to supply their up to date address.


After the papers were returned to George, Preston began attacking him once again, presumably thinking he could do so with impunity.


This situation once again goes back to Preston claiming he doesn't hide yet himself and his wife both refused to provide a correct and current address so that he could receive these legal papers. Preston was also spoken to at length at this time by his own admin staff from S4E and the admin from SFEO regarding this situation and his recent behaviour, and once again the conversation broke down due to his refusal to accept any form of responsibility whatsoever. He even added his wife and Jan to the chat, which provided some much needed comic relief for all concerned. Again, this was proof to all present that Preston is beyond reasoning. 

So, he claims others hide and obfuscate the truth, yet he has been proven time and time again to refuse to provide any contact details (even an email, let alone a physical address) and has adopted many different accounts on facebook and elsewhere with the sole intention of making as much trouble as possible. No-one else in this 'situation' that he believes exists (it doesn't, he merely perpetuates his own cycle of endless troublemaking) does anything of the sort. The entire community is bored of this joke of an individual, regardless of what he believes, and his running around to everyone and anyone with pm's amounting to 'do you like me?' is both saddening and indicative of a deeply flawed and broken individual. Good people have been subjected to this and, for the sake of diplomacy, have humoured him but the writing is not so much on the wall, it's emblazoned across the sky in bright letters.

The violin comes out frequently but he can't play it

Bear in mind that this is man who has claimed he's so depressed that no-one in Wales can actually deal with him in terms of counselling. This is another red flag and ties in once again with the downwards spiral of self pity that he is knowingly locked into. There is looking for help and there is refusing to accept that there is help out there. By laying the blame for the failure in tackling his supposed problem at the door of others, he once again sidesteps the issue. Himself. Depression is not something to be made fun of or looked down upon. Most of us have suffered depression at some point in our lives, some of us battle it on a daily basis. However, when it is your major calling card you know there is something wrong. A great many people believe Preston's depression to be situational and, let's be honest, no wonder. For someone who has the personality and wit of a doormat who surrounds himself with mental vampires it's hardly surprising that there's an issue with being 'clinically fed up'. His idea of 'family time' seems to be posting pictures of his wife's stomach online for all to see. Bizarre and sad.

From the way he has treated many good people in the community it seems that it's possible to be hated by him one minute then have him speak to you like a friend the next. Many people have had this treatment and with this as his template for friendship one really has to agree that this is a man who needs help yet will never fully acknowledge it when it arrives, for fear of it stripping a major part of his persona. He has been throwing a pity party for so long that he'd have to change too much to call an end to it. His passive aggressive victim stance is both tiresome and phenomenally self defeating. Do you know anyone who plays the victim card continually when they are proven wrong and held accountable? If you do, you'd tell them to fuck off sooner or later.

The Cancer that never was

However, the final straw with Preston has been the recent "Cancer scare" in his family, which is anything but. It's now been quietly brushed under the mat by him but was his calling card for a good few days there, with both he and his wife using it as some kind of social media pity crutch. This was and is absolutely despicable and turned off any last dregs of support that he had within the community. Many discussions were had at high levels in the community about this and the overall decision has been to freeze him out of being involved with anything from here on in. This sort of appalling, self serving lie is the only cancer that is affecting Preston and his family, and it is, once again, entirely of his own making.


Cancer. Nothing more than a three month irritation and an excuse for another sympathy drive. 

Preston and Tamara seem to think that a hernia and an appendix operation equates to some kind of life threatening condition, which again is a red flag with regards to the levels of pure stupidity that are present in their household. A 'lump' has allegedly been found but, as anyone with even a tiny modicum of medical knowledge can attest to, this means zero and has been blown entirely out of proportion in a vain attempt to engender sympathy in what is now surely Preston's darkest time online when, despite his deluded protestations to the contrary, popular opinion is very much against him. If cancer was even remotely suspected then a full blood analysis, biopsy and radiography would be performed far sooner (almost immediately so diagnosis could be made and medication and a course of action could be decided on accordingly). This 'lump' is just that, probably something totally superfluous and useless that shouldn't be there yet is, perhaps causing a slight nuisance to the nearby area but clearly nothing of any real merit.

Much like Preston himself.

Going personal

On Preston's hate-blog, he has made out that he is the innocent party, with George constantly out to "get him" and Preston as the victim. Preston included a screenshot of abuse from George during a heated discussion, but failed to include any of the abuse he dished out at the same time. Remember, this is the guy that claims "he never goes personal":

Preston abuse of George Cropper

The last two comments in the image above are from a post on the Spectrum35 page, where George suggested that he and Preston take part in a boxing event, for charity, at an upcoming Spectrum related get together. Preston insisted that he "would not hold back" in a pm to someone then went on to post in public that he would not be attending. Ever the tough guy. Presumably the match would have been cancelled at the last minute, anyway, due to him being "depressed" about the way his wife laced his boots up or the fact that one of his children was ringside wearing a "bumfun" t-shirt and cheering for George. 


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  • Gravatar for Saint Peter

    Lord I am busy today.

    Preston I have a message from God for you.

    It reads:-

    Preston, get a fucking job you fat bastard and stop making a mockery of the human race.

    Tell that missus of yours to shove a squirrel up her lady garden and NO MORE KIDS

    Otherwise I am sending you both to my sister site Cockwomble. It like earth but after 30 minutes i just could not be arsed. A bit like Preston really.

    Any I digress.

    Do as your told.



    now I can go back to work, oh wait, you don't know what that is do you...?

    You will soon enough

    Saint Peter 11/06/2017 9:58am (40 days ago)

  • Gravatar for The DSS

    It seems that Mr Thomas is perfectly capable of "working" when it relates to yet another fruitless attempt at getting attention on facebook and youtube. Why, then, could he not work folding boxes in tesco or in another similar job befitting someone of his mental abilities.

    We shall be looking into this, as it's clearly an affront to UK taxpayers everywhere and an awful example of non-parenting to his children, who should be in care.

    The DSS 04/06/2017 9:42am (47 days ago)

  • Gravatar for Fun with Preston's Bum

    I only found the website as i wanted a refund for my zx vega+ pledge. i didnt know anything about preston's potatoe, his hag of a mate or Kim Yong Jan.

    Im now fully caught up with the drama. cheers RCL, best £110 I ever spent

    Fun with Preston's Bum 30/05/2017 4:56pm (51 days ago)

  • Gravatar for Preston towel

    I wish someone would put preston out of his misery.

    Its not like you can block him off of Facebook because he just makes new profiles. Its not like you csn block his channels because he makes new ones...

    Its not like gou csn get away fron him...he is everywhere and his paranoid android crap just pisses me right off.

    Fuck off preston....just fuck right off

    Preston towel 30/05/2017 3:50pm (51 days ago)

  • Gravatar for SinclairFan

    Wow, how low can one man sink in his own desperation.

    Pretty low it seems. Its a really sad state of affairs all round really.

    Someone needs to put Preston in a padded room full of CBM 64's until hes sorted himself out.

    SinclairFan 30/05/2017 7:31am (52 days ago)

  • Gravatar for James

    What Preston fails to grasp with his YouTube channels (apart from constantly closing them down of course) is that he will never engage an audience when there is no way for the audience to comment on the videos. Therefore buying views seems an exercise in futility.

    James 30/05/2017 3:28am (52 days ago)

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