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WWF European Rampage Tour

WWF European Rampage Tour titleI remember the first time I loaded this game, it seemed like Arc Developments had come to the party as the initial presentation screens and music were amazing! However once the game started, it was clear that the game itself was utterly dreadful, and far worse than Twilight's version that came out a year earlier. Instead of a wrestling game, it's a tedious beat'em-up where you have to walk close to your opponent, punch him in the head and back away before he retaliates.

The graphics are all 16 colour, very small, and all the unique moves are missing. Unlike the first game, the arena no longer scrolls vertically, there's no chair to pickup (or utilise the famous bug that allows you to get the chair inside the ring!) and you're forced to play a boring tag team match. It's almost criminal how little glitz and glamour from the WWF was used.

Even the graphics on the 5 arenas seem to have been a complete waste of time. For some reason, all the (static) people in the background watching the matches are different on each one, but you would never notice (or care about) this small detail. It would have been far better to have extra moves for each character.

I can only think of one slightly amusing detail in this game, and that's when you see some utter pillock like Hulk Hogan standing in the middle of the ring with his opponent down for the count. A quick tap of the fire button sees him propel himself sideways in an attempt to do a flying kick and crash into the floor, landing miles away from the opponent.

The game was rightfully panned, awarded a measly 18% by both Amiga Format and Amiga Power. Ocean didn't send it out for review before the Christmas issues were going to press, so anybody buying the game based on the name would have no idea what a turkey the game was.


britannic.png madison_square_garden.png munich.png paris.png practice.png


credits.png event_centre.png featuring_legion_of_doom.png insert_disk_2.png match_type.png menu_buttons.png ocean_presents.png profile_bret_hitman_hart.png profile_hulk_hogan.png profile_macho_man_randy_savage.png profile_ultimate_warrior.png select_controls.png tag_team_champions.png trademarks.png tv.png wwf_logo.png


animal.png bret_hitman_hart.png hawk.png hulk_hogan.png irs.png knobbs.png macho_man.png sags.png ted_dibiase.png typhoon.png ultimate_warrior.png

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