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Custom Map: Captain Fizz

All tiles for the game are stored on a 320x200 pixel bitmap. The tiles themselves are 12x12, but stored aligned on word boundaries meaning you get 4 extra pixels between each tile which makes them painful to work with:

Captain Fizz tiles as stored on disk

To add to the mess, the tiles are stored vertically, and the tile indexes in the maps do not match the tiles with any logic! Fortunately clenched on the English Amiga Board rearranged the tileset to 192x192 and arranged horizontally:

Captain Fizz rotated tiles by clenched

If you activate the Captain Fizz custom map, your maps will turn from this:

Captain Fizz maps without the custom map

Into this:

Captain Fizz maps with the custom map activated

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Custom Map: Captain Fizz


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Custom Map: Captain Fizz


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