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Replacement Tiles

There are occasions where games will use a strange tile index in the map, and you need to swap the number with some other value. The Replacement Tiles section allows you to do this. The basic format is to include a tile (or range of tiles) followed by an equals sign and the replacement tile value. You can also enter comments by typing a semi-colon. You can include as many tile replacements as required by inserting them one per line. Some examples:

$8000=68Replace tile $8000 with 68 (First Samurai flaming pots)
$f0=$a7Replace tile $f0 with $a7 (The Power heart tiles)
$c6-$c7,$103=$200Replace tiles $c6-$c7 and $103 with $200 (Odyssey water tiles)
$8000-$ffff=0Replace all tiles $8000-$ffff with 0 (Odyssey sub-map)
;$80=0Ignored, as anything following a semi-colon is considered a comment

The Power (c) Demonware

The tiles are easy to find (256x176 with 3 bitplanes in Amiga ACBM mode), and there appears to be 168 of them:

The Power tiles

The levels are also very easy to find, as they are all sequentially next to each other in memory arranged in a 32x32 grid. If you look carefully at the map data, you will see that there is a stray tile index $f0 in the map that does not have any tile graphics associated with it. When there is no graphic for the tile in memory, a blank tile will be displayed instead:

The Power level 50

By playing the game, you will see that it should be a heart tile. In the Tile Ripper tab, hover over the heart tile and note the index displayed at the bottom of the screen:

Map $763F0: (2, 6) = $F0

This is telling you that at offset $763F0 of the savestate, the mouse is currently 2 tiles in from the left of the map and 6 tiles down from the top (counting from 0). The value in memory is $F0.

Go to the Map Ripper tab and in the Replacement Tile section, enter the following:

$F0=$A7 ;Correct heart tile

This tells the map ripper that whenever it locates tile index $F0 in the map, change it to tile $A7. Now when the map is displayed, the heart tiles will appear:

The Power level 50 with replacement tile $f0=$a7

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