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Bomb Jack

Bomb Jack titleThe Amiga received an awful conversion of Bomb Jack, courtesy of Croatian based Paradox Software and published by Elite. Paradox were the in-house development team of UK-based Eidersoft, not to be confused with the famous Amiga cracking group.

Paradox converted many games from the Atari ST, and just about all of them are straight Atari ST ports. Bomb Jack was no exception, with an ugly 16 colour palette, moving objects stored in the native Atari ST screen format and awful sound too! How Elite thought this pile of excrement was worth £25 at the time of release is anyone's guess!

Here are the entire set of graphics extracted from the game for your pleasure (or horror). The most sad thing about this is that the Amiga was capable of a 100% perfect conversion of the arcade game, yet we ended up with this mess.


bombtitl.png font.png level_1_sphinx.png level_2_acrop.png level_3_castle.png level_4_city.png level_5_lines.png platform.png spr1.png spr2.png title.png

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  • Gravatar for mcgeezer

    The last sentence is very true, I proved it with the Beer Edition.

    If the sprites in the Elite version had been drawn 16x16 instead of 32x32, or Tehkan had supplied the coin-op graphics then I think we would have seen an altogether much better version of the game released back in the day.

    mcgeezer 14/05/2018 8:23am (6 years ago)

  • Gravatar for Nick Roper

    The musician for this game (Janko Mrsic-Flogel) became one of the illegally appointed directors of the company Retro Computers Ltd. The company ended up scamming the retrogaming community of over £500k when they failed to deliver the Vega+ to over 5000 backers as part of a crowdfunding scampaign. The other scammers were David Levy and Suzanne Martin, along with several trolls such as Lee Fogarty and his hag Tanya Adele (real name Tanya Cook) and Jan Saggiori, plus some dodgy reporters like Chris Merriman.

    Nick Roper 07/07/2017 1:25am (7 years ago)

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