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ESWAT TitleCreative Materials/US Gold had a habit of converting dull coin-ops to the home computers, and Sega's ESWAT is no different. A washed-out and ugly 16-colour game (presumably so it could be ported to the Amiga and ST easily) and looked like a real rush-job. The development team couldn't even spell 'Europe' correctly!

The game features a terrible frame rate, boring gameplay, and I really cannot understand who the target market for a game like this would be. The coin-op is a very run-of-the-mill shoot'em-up employing the age old "duck to avoid the enemy gunfire" mechanic, so I cannot fathom who would love it so much that they would hand over £25 to play a US Gold interpretation of it.

The Amiga version stores the majority of the graphics in compressed IFF files, so they are at least easy to rip, and there's even a (typically dull) hidden message from the programmer on the disk. I was hoping there would be a Richard Aplin style rant from programmer Timothy Cannell, but sadly not in this case.


4wd.png bigsuit.png blackrobo.png blueprint1.png blueprint2.png bomb.png car.png cops.png cops2.png copter.png credit.png dude.png ecopa1.png ecopb1.png ego.png eog.png eol1.png eol2.png eol3.png extras.png finish1.png finish2.png finish3.png girly.png goon.png gunner.png gus.png hitab.png inter1.png inter2.png inter3.png jetcycle.png jumper.png knife.png laser.png laser2.png lavadrop.png missiler.png prat.png skater.png skull.png sniper.png spitter.png swat.png tanktop.png tigger.png title.png uslogo.png vech.png wall.png wantbits.png wantpic.png window.png


level_01.png level_02.png level_03.png level_04.png level_05.png level_06.png level_07.png level_08.png level_09.png level_10.png level_11.png level_12.png level_13.png level_14.png level_15.png

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    ESWAT is truly a dreadful game!

    Codetapper 16/10/2016 11:45pm (8 years ago)

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