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Human Killing Machine

Human Killing Machine titleAfter releasing the terminally dire conversion of Street Fighter, the Tiertex mob decided the easiest way to extort money from Amiga owners was to create another beat'em-up based on the Street Fighter engine.

Tiertex removed the 2 player mode and reduced the gameplay area to a single non-scrollable screen. Without any kind of scrolling, there was no need for parallax, so that went out the door aswell. By freeing up that extra memory you would assume they would add extra features, extra moves, more animation frames. But you can probably guess, none of that happened.

Just like Street Fighter, the graphics for each fighter had to fit on a single 320x200 screen, meaning there are very few frames of animation. The ultimate insult is the final enemy, who has only 6 frames of animation - 2 of which are his death sequence!

Tiertex were not even capable of mastering the game correctly, and the last fighter has corrupt graphics because the final track of data was not saved onto the disk. Musashi/Flashtro along with a little help from yours truly actually managed to fix the missing graphics by importing the Degas Elite file from the Atari ST release. This is probably the only good thing to come out of sharing the same (awful) graphics from the ST version!

Here are the entire set of (fixed) graphics extracted from the disk image. The entire game uses the same ugly 16 colour palette except for the loading screen and high score table. Note the incredibly poor dithering on the backgrounds, especially the Germany level.


back_01_russia.png back_02_amsterdam.png back_03_spain.png back_04_germany.png back_05_beirut.png level_01_igor.png level_02_shepski.png level_03_maria.png level_04_helga.png level_05_miguel.png level_06_brutus.png level_07_hans.png level_08_franz.png level_09_sagan.png level_10_merkeva.png overlay.png player_kwon.png

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  • Gravatar for Matt

    For those who don't know about Human Killing Machine... Stuart Ashen has made a helpful review ;-)

    Matt 16/11/2016 10:40am (8 years ago)

  • Gravatar for Gustavo Sarmento

    ...and where does one gets this fixed version? :)

    Gustavo Sarmento 27/01/2016 11:42am (8 years ago)

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