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Mega Lo Mania gameplayMany of Sensible Software's games stored all their graphics in compressed IFF files on the disk, making ripping them a relatively painless process. They often contained hidden messages, and Mega lo Mania is no exception. Check out the black text in the credits screens. In the original game, the green is drawn as black so the text never shows up, but you can see them below.

Sensible Software deserved a lot of success with the game, but when Robert Maxwell drowned in November 1991, Mirrorsoft went belly up, and Sensible's chance of a large payday sunk. You can at least enjoy full rips of Jon Hare, Jo Walker and Alan Tomkin's combined work.

A sequel to Mega lo Mania was begun work, but development was halted after about 3 months and the programmer assigned to another game. The game was never completed, which was a shame as the original was superb.


mlm_armies.png mlm_buildings.png mlm_features.png mlm_icons.png mlm_islands.png mlm_load1.png mlm_load2.png mlm_load3.png mlm_load4.png mlm_select.png mlm_slabs.png mlm_smallmap.png mlm_starfield.png mlm_sunrise.png mlm_wonscrn.png


mlm_cred00.png mlm_cred01.png mlm_cred02.png mlm_cred03.png mlm_cred04.png mlm_cred05.png mlm_cred06.png mlm_cred07.png mlm_cred08.png mlm_cred09.png mlm_cred10.png mlm_cred11.png mlm_cred12.png mlm_cred13.png mlm_cred15.png

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    The sprites seem to have an odd (irregular) layout spacing... I assume done to save space? That must have made the blitting code a nightmare!!!

    Matt Parsons 14/08/2020 1:21pm (4 years ago)

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