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Rygar titleGraeme "McGeezer" Cowie converted Rygar for the Amiga in 2019, which was his second title after Bomb Jack Beer Edition. You can read more about the development of the game on the Rygar Amiga facebook page or following Graeme's Rygar YouTube playlist.

Here are the entire set of graphics extracted from the game for your pleasure.


ry_fightend.png ry_font8.png ry_intro.png ry_logo.png ry_lower.png ry_moon.png ry_ranks.png ry_score.png ry_sprites.png ry_sunset.png ry_tiles.png ry_water.png


ry_bg_lev1.png ry_bg_lev10.png ry_bg_lev13.png ry_bg_lev19.png ry_bg_lev2.png ry_bg_lev21.png ry_bg_lev23.png ry_bg_lev25.png ry_bg_lev30.png ry_bg_lev5.png ry_bg_lev6.png ry_bg_lev9.png ry_clouds.png ry_mount.png

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    Let's have a look if possible, thanks!

    Sverre 16/01/2023 6:44pm (17 months ago)

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