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Sensible Soccer

Sensible Soccer titleThe majority of Sensible Software games store their graphics in compressed IFF ILBM format, and Sensible Soccer is no exception.

The team strips are created by altering the palette of various versions of the player strips, creating solid colour tops, or mixing vertical or horizontal stripes for teams.

The vertically scrolling credits are stored as images three times the height of the screen, and are scrolled up over the top of the background image in dual playfield mode. This uses two independent playfields of 8 colours (with one being transparent) on top of each other.


cjcbench.png cjcbits.png cjcgrafs.png cjcteam1.png cjcteam2.png cjcteam3.png cjcteamg1.png disk2.png loader1.png loader2.png loader3.png loaderbg.png marble.png socpic.png


credit03.png credit04.png credit05.png credit06.png credit07.png credit08.png credit09.png credit10.png credit11.png credit12.png credit13.png

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