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Street Fighter 2

Ryu vs Ken on the Amiga

US Gold graced Amiga owners with a pretty dire conversion of Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior. The palette choice was odd, and it was very slow.

The most interesting thing is how the team chose to slice up the graphics for drawing to the screen.


balrog_background.png blanka_background.png chunli_background.png dhalsim_background.png ehonda_background.png guile_background.png ken_background.png mbison_background.png ryu_background.png sagat_background.png vega_background.png zangief_background.png


balrog.png chun_li.png dhalsim.png ehonda.png guile.png ken.png mbison.png ryu.png sagat.png vega.png zangief.png

Bonus Stages

barrels.png barrels_background.png car.png car_background.png flaming_drums.png flaming_drums_background.png

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  • Gravatar for Frenkel

    The graphics are also sliced up in the PC version. There's some code for here:

    Frenkel 30/12/2017 8:53pm (22 months ago)

  • Gravatar for Matthias Forelli

    In all fairness some of those backgrounds look ok.

    Matthias Forelli 27/12/2017 6:21am (22 months ago)

  • Gravatar for Ryan M Rousseau

    Are you going to rip more Amiga sprites? Just asking out of curiosity.

    Ryan M Rousseau 01/10/2017 5:52pm (2 years ago)

  • Gravatar for Red Blade

    Codetapper. Will you be doing the same to Team 17's Body Blows? Is it a 16colour background with 2 8 colour sprites?? How is the sprite data stored??. Thanks in advance.

    Red Blade 26/07/2017 1:15am (2 years ago)

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