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Guerrilla War Zzap Review

Guerrilla War

• Imagine, £9.95 cassette, £14.95 disk

Oh dear — not the best Ikari Warriors variant about, is it?

Oh dear — not the best Ikari Warriors variant about, is it?

An island is under the tyrannical rule of an evil oppressor. A severe form of martial law has been enforced, with soldiers and booby traps all over the place. Fortunately, help is at hand...

Two mysterious figures walk onto a remote beach from their attack craft. They are set to storm past the dictator's troops and put an end to his rule of terror so that the people of the island can live in freedom.

Starting off with a powerful gun and a supply of grenades you must dispose of the enemy troops, picking up superior weapons as you go, until you reach the dictator himself and put an end to his villainy.

Maff Evans

After the excellent conversion of Operation Wolf, I expected to see some fairly good work from Ocean's sub-label. Instead, what we have in Guerrilla War is an absolutely pathetic attempt at recreating the arcade game. The sprites are a mess, hardly looking human shaped, never mind detailed! The backgrounds are just as bad, giving no impression of depth at all. In fact everything about this game is poor; even the packaging is just a photograph of the arcade cabinet (wot a cop-out!). I recommend that you give Guerrilla War the attention it deserves: that is, none at all!


Well, if your Valentine's contemplating buying you a computer game next month with loads of big slobbery kisses all over it, make sure the box that plops through your letterbox with a big red ribbon round it isn't Guerrilla War. Unless you like messing about with badly drawn, blotchy graphics and virtually non-existent gameplay that is. I'm as fond of your average mindless shoot'em-up as the next okapi, but I really draw the line at a product as bitty and boring as this. If you do somehow manage to get hold of a copy, forget all about playing it and try and use it in a cheese and pickle sandwich instead.

Presentation 49%

Boring intro and a choice of control methods — all of them poor.

Graphics 23%

Messy blobs of colour running over 'flat' scenery.

Sound 31%

Scratchy music and dire effects grate horribly on the ears.

Hookability 20%

As soon as the game appears you know it's going to be bad.

Lastability 12%

Yup, bad it sure is!

Overall 19%

The worst full-price Commando variant available to date.



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