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Jet Strike Mission Zzap Review

Jet Strike Mission Zzap! review title

• Alpha Omega, £4.95 cassette, joystick with keys

Your mission, budding pilots, is to successfully take off in a jet fighter-bomber, climb to a suitable altitude, and then fly at cruising speed to a specified destination.

Jet Strike MissionThe game starts with the Mission Alert signal, and then switches to a selection of instructions and menus. Here you must select a target and suitable weaponry. It is also possible to have a detailed lecture on the cockpit dials and switches.

Once you are actually in the cockpit the velocity must be brought up to at least 120 knots — then, with the wheels up, you can take to the skies. Failure to reach the desired velocity makes the plane stall and crash. To avoid aerial attack, tactical evasive action needs to be employed.

When reaching an enemy target it takes several passes to totally destroy it. Once the enemy forces have been annihilated you must return to base through a network of attacks, and then make a safe landing at the correct speed and heading.

Richard Eddy

Oh dear, this game is so appalling I wonder why Alpha/Omega bother to release it. The graphics are crude and blocky, and the crash routine is so bad it made me laugh out loud. This game doesn't deserve the tape on which it is produced, and is more suited to life in the depth of a very wet pit, rather than space on a cassette rack.

Gary Penn

On seeing this game for the first time I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. It's era — absolutely abysmal. I just had to play it again to see if what I had seen was real. Unfortunately, it was. It's the sort of game which brings bile to the back of your throat, and at the price I advise you to steer well clear.

Presentation 44%

Adequate in-game instructions, but too many annoying delays.

Graphics 9%

Atrocious use of keyboard character graphics.

Sound 8%

The programmer doesn't seem to know the meaning of the word.

Hookability 12%

Holds the same morbid fascination as a road accident...

Lastability 3%

...but it's nowhere near as pleasant.

Value For Money 4%

Grossly overpriced for what it offers.

Overall 4%

April the first is a long way off, CRL.



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