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Striker Zzap Review


• Cult, £2.99

This is just one of three new footy games from Cult. And unfortunately it's definitely the worst, well in the running for 'turkey of the year'.

StrikerYou play the striker on a football team. Apart from looking at tables of statistics, all your options are limited to asking for a transfer to another team, doing some training, or playing in a match. Both training and playing bring up the same ridiculously simple 'arcade' sequence. Your little stick man player stands in front of the opponents' pathetically drawn goal, and you have to stop a direction meter in the right place to score. As the goalie is glued to the spot and can only fall to the left or right, this isn't exactly a difficult task.

However, in a match you may not even get a single chance to shoot. This wouldn't be so bad if you could see the rest of the action, but your view is limited to the empty opponents' goal area — all you get to see is the clock counting down.

If ever a game was akin to watching paint dry, this is it. It's a sort of football manager game without the management!

Overall 5%

A football manager game without the management!



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